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The Magic of lights
illuminate your life..

The world is full of magical things .. So why not live with the magic? Be a kid again and believe in the fantastical. Life is more fun with a little colour and lights. Shop our state of the art, high-quality, ground-breaking LED lighting & Smart Home Devices that will illuminate your greater moments in dynamic colour and make them  more magical.

Magic is everywhere ..

  you just have to Believe ...​




Govee Bluetooth RGBWW Smart LED Bulbs 

Model: H6005

Introduce smart lighting into any room in your home using the lamps and light sockets you already have. With easy app control, automated timers, and device grouping, managing multiple bulbs simultaneously with a single tap.

• App Control

• 16 Million Colors

• 2700K-6500K Color Temp

• Timer Function

• 8 Scene Modes

• DIY Customization Mode

Govee Wi-Fi
RGBWW Smart LED Bulbs

 Model: H6003

Light up your bedroom, kitchen, and more with these color-changing smart bulbs. With automated timers, Alexa & Google Assistant control, and group sync, you can easily manage multiple bulbs.

• Voice + App Control

• 16 Million Colors

• 2700K-6500K Color Temp

• Timer Function

• 8 Scene Modes

• DIY Mode

Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp (Bluetooth & Wi-Fi)

Model: H6055 (Bluetooth) & H6058 (Bluetooth & Wi-Fi)


A light as alluring and versatile as it is portable. From creating a candle-like dining ambiance, to lighting up outdoor evening picnics, to being a trusted bedside reading companion, 


Unplug-And-Go Portability

DIY Effect Customization

32+ Gorgeous Scene Modes

Music Sync Mode

Sleep and Wake Timers

Physical Button + App Control

Govee Aura Lite RGBWW Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Table Lamp

Model: H6051

Find relaxation with deep colors and intuitive control methods. This lamp features a beautiful design that wraps around the upper edges and includes backlit touch controls for easy mode, brightness, and color selection. 

• 16 Million Colors + Warm & Cool Whites

• 30 Dynamic Scene Modes

• App Control and Support for Alexa & Google Voice Control

• Timer & Schedule Functions

• DIY Customization Mode

Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp

Model: H6052

This smart bedside lamp is your solution to a brighter life. Like unwinding after a long day? Choose from 20 mood-boosting light effects or customize one of your own with the Finger Sketch feature and let Aura do the rest.


• 37 Lighting Effects

• Customizable DIY Mode

• Voice + App Control

• Timer Function

• 4 Music Modes

• 16 Million Colors

Govee Glow Smart Table Lamp

Model: H6050

It's time to enliven every room in your home with warm, colorful lighting. Govee Glow can help you do just that! Enjoy incredible smart features and effortless control.


• 16 Million Colors

• 1800K-3000K Color Temp

• Voice + App + Touch control

• 20 Light Effects

• Music Mode

Govee RGBICWW WiFi + Bluetooth Flow Plus Light Bars 

Model: H6056


Govee Flow Plus Light Bars provide an incredibly immersive screen experience using RGBICWW technology. Featuring both intelligent voice and app controls.


*Recommended for TV/Displays that are less than 45 inches (dimensions).

• Exciting Lighting Experience

• Music Mode Syncing

• Voice Control via Alexa & Google Assistant

• Smart App Control

• Versatile Placement Options

Govee Flow Pro Wi-Fi TV Light Bars

Model: H6054

With our ColorSense camera technology, the sounds and colors of your favorite video games and movies sync smoothly with the backlights, providing you the ultimate immersive experience.


*Recommended for TV/Displays that are less than 45 inches (dimensions).

• RGBIC Colored Lighting

• ColorSense 1080p HD Camera

• Voice + App Control

• 12 Scene Modes

• Music Mode

• Two-Way Installation

Govee RGBICW Smart Corner Floor Lamp



This slim and minimalistic floor lamp is designed to modernize your home. Using RGBICWW technology, you can create a gorgeous collage of colors to brighten up any indoor living space.


• Make Your Lights Dance With Music Mode

• Hands-Free Voice Control

• Innovative RGBICWW Technology

• DIY Mode with 14 Segmented Color Controls

• 28 Preset Scene Modes To Choose From

Govee Lyra RGBICWW Corner Floor Lamp

Model: H6072


This elegantly designed floor lamp provides diffused lighting to create breathtaking surroundings in your living space. A slim outline and impressive color projection make Lyra a delightful addition to your home.


• Futurist Modern Design

• Cutting-Edge RGBICWW Technology

• 25 Alluring Lighting Effects

• Get Creative With DIY Mode

• Reactive Music Modes

• Effortless Voice Control

Govee Glide Wall Light

Model: H6062


Enchanting lighting effects, a customizable layout, and a sleek finish, Glide is sure to do just that. The perfect way to highlight any feature and take your room design to a new level. 

• Diffused RGBIC Light Effects 

• 40+ Stunning Scene Modes & Music Modes

• Smart App and Voice Control 

• Customizable Design Layout 

• Easy Installation 

Govee Glide Hexa Light Panels

Model: H6061


Hexa Light Panels are composed of 10 panels that can be assorted into various shapes. It can be controlled using your favorite voice assistants. You can even customize your design, effects, colors, and more.

• Style It Your Way

• RGBIC Technology

• Be The Headliner

• Your Personal Light Show

• Smart Control

Making Life Smarter to transform traditional ways of living

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Free express shipping service, The product will ship typically within 1 business day after purchase.

Lifetime Customer Support

Exceptional  state of the art Lifetime Customer Support Service.

30 days money back Guarantee

For any reason, undamaged products can be fully refunded within 30 days after the delivery date to the shipping address. 

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