Something common in Rohit's endeavours has somehow been his incentive trips that he earned in various organisations from time to time during his career span working with various organisations in the Middle East.


Once again Rohit's first travels to Europe also was a result of one such trip during his Oceanic Days where he went to attend training with an access control manufacturer Idetech to Belguim. During this first trip to Europe Rohit covered briefly a small stop in Milan, Italy followed by few days in Namur , Belguim with a weekend stop in the wicked port city of Amsterdam and ended his trip with the love of the French in Paris, France.


Ever since Rohit has extensively travelled in Europe and covered the following destinations - Milan-Italy, Namur - Belguim, Amsterdam-Netherlands, Paris-France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Rohit's exploration of Europe & The United Kingdom will extend with the sands of time and this is the place where Rohit plans to share his escapades to the European Continent. Watch this space for more updates and blogs on Rohit's travels

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